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Passport Photos

We take and print UK passport photos for adults, children and babies, however, they are also suitable for driving licences, bus passes, Blue Disabled Badges etc.

Just call in any time between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and between 9.00am and 4.00pm Saturday. They can usually be taken straight away, with no need for an appointment.

We can also print passport photos and visas for the USA, India and the Netherlands. Other countries may be possible on request, providing the country asks for a white, cream or light grey background.

For any country not listed above, please check with the embassy for the country you are travelling to, as to what the requirements are. Please bring in with you any documentation containing the specifications.

USA visas could require a digital copy of the photos instead of, or as well as, hard copy photos. Please carefully check which you require.

Click below for info on UK passport requirements:

More Info

UK Passport Prices
£4.00 for 4 photos
£5.00 for 8 photos

NON-UK Passport & Visa Prices
£6.00 for 2 photos
£7.00 for 4 photos
£6.00 for USA Visa Digital Photo on CD which is sized to the correct requirements
£10.00 for 2 USA Visa Photos and Digital Photo on CD, which is sized to the correct requirements

Please leave yourself with enough time to wait for non-uk passport photos or visas, as these could take between 15-20 minutes to complete due to strict requirements of these countries.

Although we take hundreds of passport photos and visas every year, all our photos have a money back guarantee, should any issue arise.

Common reasons for Passport and Visa Photo rejection:

  • Wrong head size or physical dimension of photo - Please ensure you provide us with all the information for non UK passport photos or visas other than India or USA.
  • Excessive make up or jewellery - These can hide facial features, so try to look as natural as possible.
  • Uniforms - Most countries will reject photos taken whilst wearing a uniform. Make sure you wear your day-to-day clothes, but look smart.
  • Glasses - The IPS (Identity and Passport Service) recommend taking glasses off. Rejections will happen if frames are too close to, or pass through the eye, and if there is any glare or reflections on the lenses. The photo will still be a good likeness of you.
  • Wearing white - When the photo gets scanned by the IPS or by the country you wish to travel to, you could appear washed out and look to have a floating head. Wear something dark across your shoulders.
  • Clothing covering the face - This is more common in children and babies. We recommend taking coats off to avoid this problem.
  • Showing teeth or smiling - Both of these will again distort the face and could hide distinguishing features. You don't have to look miserable, just relax and look natural.