A M Clark

8"x10" Collage Poster Print

£1.99 Gloss

£1.99 Lustre (Matt)

£2.49 Metallic

A collage poster print is a superb way to display lots of your favourite photos. Create your collage quickly and easily online by dragging and dropping your photos onto the page. Collage poster prints have a choice of themes and designs to choose from.

8″×10″ collage poster prints are available with a choice of three finishes as follows:

Lustre – Also known as matt because of it’s slightly dull finish, this type of paper looks great in glass frames. Due to it’s lightly textured finish, Lustre paper is less likely to show fingerprints, therefore, making it our most popular choice.

Gloss – Good for prints that have a high level of colour and detail, but will show fingerprints and smudges easily which will be difficult to remove.

Metallic – Our newest addition to the paper range. Printed on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic VC Digital Paper, the reflective high gloss surface creates the illusion of metal, which offers vibrant colours, sharp details, and gives the image depth.

Service time for this product is 24 hours from time of ordering. In the case of ordering on Sunday, these service times will commence from Monday.

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